Garden Tower Project > Vegetable Planting Guide

If there’s one thing that every gardener learns, it’s that timing is everything. The path to a healthy harvest always starts with basic foresight and planning. The zone finder and vegetable & herb timing tables below provide the basics for scheduling your conventional and vertical Garden Tower 2™ plantings. Don’t forget to check out the seed germination versus temperature chart to make sure your plants stay on schedule!

Gardening with a high-volume container system like the Garden Tower 2™ gives you a head start. In a sunny location, soil in the Garden Tower will heat up faster and retain a higher temperature than in conventional gardens. If nighttime frost protection can be provided, like tarps, garden fleeces, bed sheets, or large trash bags, the typical traditional planting schedule can often be moved forward an entire month.

Use the data below to learn both when to start your seeds and when to transplant outdoors.

VegetableStart plants this long before planting date for your regionTime Range
Artichokes (globe)Crown piecesAug.-Oct.
Asparagus1 yearMarch-April
Beans (lima)not suitablenot suitable
Beans (snap)not suitableMay-June
Beetsnot suitableMarch-June
Broccoli6 weeksMay-June
Brussels sprouts6 weeksMay-June
Cabbage6 weeksJan.-April
Cantaloupes4 weeksnot suitable
Carrotsnot suitableJan.-June
Cauliflower6 weeksJan. & June
Celery9 weeksMarch-June
Chardnot suitableFeb.-May
Chinese cabbage4 weeksJuly-Aug.
Chives6 weeksApril-May
Corn (sweet)not suitableApril-May
Cucumbers (slicing)4 weeksApril-June
4 weeksMay
Dillnot suitableMay
Eggplants9 weeksnot suitable
Endive6 weeksMarch-July
Garlicnot suitableSept.-Oct.
Kalenot suitableMay-July
Kohlrabinot suitableJuly-Aug.
Leeksnot suitableFeb.-April
Lettuce (head)5 weeksFeb.-July
Lettuce (leaf)5 weeksFeb.-Aug.
Okra8 weeksnot suitable
Onions10 weeksJan.-May
Parsley10 weeksDec.-May
Parsnipsnot suitableMay-June
Peasnot suitableJan.-Aug.
Peppers10 weeksMay
Potatoes (sweet)6 weeksnot suitable
Potatoes (white)not suitableFeb.-May
Pumpkins4 weeksMay
Radishnot suitableAll year
RhubarbCrown piecesDec.-Jan.
Rutabagasnot suitableJune-July
Spinachnot suitableAug.-Feb.
Squash (summer)4 weeksMay
Squash (winter)4 weeksMay
Tomatoes8 weeksMay-June
Turnipsnot suitableJan. & Aug.
Watermelons4 weeksnot suitable