Tower Tip: Planting

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Join resident Garden Tower 2™ Vertical Gardening System expert and master gardener Kristi Armes as she demonstrates how to plant a tower. This video was originally broadcast on Facebook Live on April 1, 2018.

Kristi’s Top 6 Tips for Planting a Tower:

  1. Put tallest plants on top of tower including carrots and beets in top or second row
  2. When planting in pockets, pull a little dirt back, place plant in pocket, and push dirt back over it
  3. Plant things you know you and your family will want to eat, then branch of into “interesting” things
  4. Space saver cucumbers are good for the bottom row
  5. Sugar peas and do well in the top of the tower and come up quickly
  6. Be aware of how large plants will get so they don’t shade each other out


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