What Is My Last Frost Date

This plant is catching a bit of frost.
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How Frost Dates Are Determined

The chart below shows the average dates for the last spring frost and the first fall/winter frost dates for each USDA Hardiness Zone. These dates are typically defined by the day where there’s a 50% chance of being frost-free. If you want to ensure the safety of your plants, you may want to adjust these dates by a full two weeks (forward for spring, backward for fall/winter).

Be aware that within an individual hardiness zone, the dates for first and last frost can significantly vary. Within a single zone, the average dates can vary by as much as a week.

If you do not know your Hardiness (planting) Zone, click here, or visit these resources:

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General Last and First Frost Dates, by Hardiness Zone

USDA ZoneLast Frost DateFirst Frost Date
1June 1-30July 1-31
2May 16-31Aug 1-31
3May 1-15Sep 1-30
4April 16-30Oct 1-15
5April 1-15Oct 16-31
6Mar 16-30Nov 1-15
7Mar 1-15Nov 16-30
8Feb 1-28Dec 1-15
9Jan 1-30Dec 16-31
10Rare or no FreezeRare or no Freeze