Tower Tip: Initial Setup

Tower Tips: Intitial Setup
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Join resident Garden Tower 2™ Vertical Gardening System expert and master gardener Kristi Armes as she sets up a new tower. This video was originally broadcast on Facebook Live on April 22, 2018.

  • Flip the base upside down
  • Insert feet into the holes all the way to lip
  • Turn it right-side up
  • Insert semicircle, “fully rounded” side of the drawer
  • Insert the compost screen in the slot above the drawer
  • Use a level to make sure the tower isn’t leaning
  • Line up posts in a performated compost tube segment with the notch
  • Press down on the tube segment
  • Add another tube segment, lining up the ridge with notch on section below
  • Place cap on top to tube to prevent soil from entering
  • Fill first section a light and fluffy organic potting mix made for containers
  • Add plant food
  • Water two to three gallons, stopping when you hear water trickling into the drawer
  • Continue to add sections, soil, and plant food until the tower is complete
  • Place cap on top of compost tube

Kristi demonstrates how to plant the tower, as well as how to populate the compost tube with worms and “browns” for the worms to eat.

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