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How the Garden Tower 2 Promotes The Wellness Lifestyle: An Interview with Chef Daniel Orr and Dr. Kelly Baute

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Two Indiana locals used the Garden Tower as inspiration and research for their wellness lifestyle — how can your Garden Tower 2 transform YOUR lifestyle? When Bloomington-based Chef Daniel Orr decided it was time to share his healthy eating and wellness regime with the world, he discovered it was going to be a lengthy process […]

The Protein Salad Diet

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Part of my job as a fitness trainer is to help people lose weight. Most people are good at exercising, but when it comes to dieting many people fall short. In order to lose weight, you need the right combination of exercise and proper nutrition. One type of diet I recommend is the Protein Salad […]

Tower of Love

Chocolate Strawberry
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Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! We wanted to honor this occasion to start a series of posts on “themed towers”. Last week, someone suggested an Aphrodisiac Tower, and the timing couldn’t have been better. So, we pulled together some information about various plants that are easily grown in the Garden Tower 2™, which may also improve […]