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20(20) Home Conservation Tips: Earth Day Opportunities for Your Home and the Planet

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20(20) Home Conservation Tips Happy Earth Day, Garden Tower® community! This year, many members of our community have reached out looking for ways to bring conservation and eco-friendly habits into their daily routine, especially when those routines have changed so much.  Check out our list of 20 Home Conservation Tips below, and let us know […]

Stay Healthy during Covid-19: Tips from The Garden Tower® Project

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UPDATE: Garden Tower Project has started manufacturing Mask Frames for improvised face masks to help enable people to better protect themselves, their community, society, and the economy — they are AVAILABLE NOW: Click Here Why masks? Visit ————————————————————————— With so many people transitioning out of office life and into working from home, we […]

Transforming A Desert Yard Into An Urban Garden Oasis With The Garden Tower® 2

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For Mazeratie, pursuing a vegan lifestyle meant transforming more than just her diet — it opened up a new world of possibilities for nutrition, cooking, and sustainability. Mazeratie, or @msweet185 as she’s known online, is a Phoenix-based blogger, Instagram influencer, and gardening enthusiast who makes her living writing about all the things she loves — […]

How the Garden Tower 2 Promotes The Wellness Lifestyle: An Interview with Chef Daniel Orr and Dr. Kelly Baute

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Two Indiana locals used the Garden Tower as inspiration and research for their wellness lifestyle — how can your Garden Tower 2 transform YOUR lifestyle? When Bloomington-based Chef Daniel Orr decided it was time to share his healthy eating and wellness regime with the world, he discovered it was going to be a lengthy process […]

Food Freedom Experiment! Does the Garden Tower® 2 Really Work?

Garden towers maximize space
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With seeds of hope and dreams of food abundance, my wife, Andrea, and I purchased a 4.5 acre homestead in south-central Indiana this Spring. For fun, we’ve gardened together a few times before, at the apartments we’ve lived in and at our city-house where we were the neighborhood weirdos, killing our grass to build garden […]

The Protein Salad Diet

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Part of my job as a fitness trainer is to help people lose weight. Most people are good at exercising, but when it comes to dieting many people fall short. In order to lose weight, you need the right combination of exercise and proper nutrition. One type of diet I recommend is the Protein Salad […]

Eat Your Weeds

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Spring is here in Indiana (Planting Zones 5 & 6), and our lawns are turning to green again. We are getting excited for gardening season, which brings the inevitable return of weeds to our lawns, containers, and gardens. Did you know that some of these so-called weeds can actually provide nutrition and other health benefits? […]

Gifts for Gardeners

Garden Tower 2™ is a great gift!
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Are you planning gifts for gardening enthusiasts? Here are some fun and practical that will help your beloved gardener start the new year off right. Tools To get you started, here’s a list of great tool ideas for gardeners. Gardeners will love hori hori, seeding tools, nitrile-palmed gloves, buckets and bags to organize tools, small […]

Double the Growing Power

Bill Land tends to his tower.
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We wanted to highlight one of our Garden Tower growers, Bill Land. Bill has been gardening and working toward an abundant world for most of his life. Bill worked in planning and zoning for many years and has been involved in projects that promote community-building in Illinois and Indiana. Throughout that time, Bill has gardened. […]

GMO-Free: or IS it?

Is it really GMO-free?
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The debate around genetically modified organisms is intense this year as the activity surrounding labeling laws heats up. GMO technology has become pervasive in our world and its impact on our food supply gets most of the attention. Is your food safe or isn’t it? Whether or not you believe GMOs are dangerous, the majority […]