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Getting Started Composting

Windfall apples
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Fall is the best time to build soil for the garden. Understanding why can help you create better compost for your home! Compost is the rich, fertile soil created by letting organisms that live in the soil break down organic matter produced in your home and garden. It is soil formation concentrated in one area. […]

Top Garden Tools and Fall Care

The right tools can make the job easier.
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September and October can be a great time to find good deals on gardening supplies. Maybe you’re already preparing holiday gifts for those favorite gardeners in your life. What should top your list? Here are a few of our favorite things we can’t imagine gardening without. Hori-Hori. Don’t let the name fool you. This Japanese […]

Fall Harvest and Seed Saving Tips

Summer squash growing well.
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Welcome August, and with it the bounty of the summer garden! Late summer is a wonderful time of year to share some of your prize veggies with your friends and brag a bit about your growing skills in the garden. We know how to enjoy harvest time, but we often miss a secondary harvest from […]

Fall-ing in Love With Your Garden Tower All Over Again

Hilltop Tomato Harvest
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It’s the height of summer heat. Believe it or not, it’s time to get your fall garden under way. July is the month to plan your fall and winter gardens, start seeds, or obtain young starts. It’s a good idea to use transplants if you live in very hot or cold zones. If you’re the […]

Summer Gardening Tips

Beautiful Nasturtium
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The summer solstice marked the official start of summer and your spring peas are done and looking a little brown. The lettuce is getting lanky and bitter. You’ve nibbled the kale down to nubs. Now what? Year-round harvest means rotating plants in and out of your garden. Late spring and early summer good times to […]

Integrating Pest Management

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If you grow it, they will come. And, by “they”, I mean pests. Problems of all kinds can crop up in the garden. Inexperienced gardeners are often discouraged by losing a crop. It happens to everyone, sometimes more than once! Stay positive. Read on to learn some of the things you can do to ensure […]

Micro Climate Change Part 2

Hilltop Tomato Harvest
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Microclimates are areas around your home and garden that have three things in common: distinct temperature and moisture variations, exposure or protection from winds, and access to light. They create unique opportunities for variety in your garden plantings and the use of your home. In part one, we looked at the factors that affect microclimates, […]

Micro Climate Change, Part 1

Garden Tower Project Camel Girl
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Cats and dogs are microclimate masters. They can easily identify warm, cozy spots or a cool spot in the shade better than anyone. This post will help you understand microclimates. In the next one, we’ll look at how to apply these concepts to your garden, and to your Garden Tower 2™ in particular. Microclimates are […]

Dirt Time

Garden Tower 2 outside a farmers market parking lot
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Healthy Soil equals healthy plants equals healthy people. It’s true! Soil is a matrix of living organisms regulating the cycle and flow of nutrients. Its organisms interconnect and share information and immune responses to pests and disease. When the soil is full of life, full of minerals, and packed with nutrients, the benefits translate all […]

Key Strategies to Keep Your Seeds on Track

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Spring has sprung and its high time for seedlings to be in their trays. Will they sprout? Are they planted too early? Too late? Are there enough? Too many? When do they need water? When should they be transplanted? Where should the seeds come from? What to Plant Plant what you like to eat! Plant […]