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Tower Tip: Starting Tomato Seeds

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Join resident Garden Tower 2™ Vertical Gardening System expert and master gardener Kristi Armes as she demonstrates how to start tomato seeds. This video was originally broadcast on Facebook Live on March 18, 2018. Kristi’s Top 6 Tips for Starting Tomato Seeds: Start your seeds 4-6 weeks before your last frost date. Make sure you […]

8 Hot Tower Tips

Hoppin' Tower
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Hey, folks, I’m a long-time Garden Tower 2™ Organic Container Ecosystem user. While I haven’t blogged all that frequently, I have been following the posts and looking at common themes. So far, the common theme is: “Help! I don’t know what I’m doing!” I have been using the GT2 for four years now, and the […]

Vegetable Planting Schedule, Hardiness Zone Look-up, & Germination Temperature Chart

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Vegetable Planting Schedule & Hardiness Zone Look-up: If there’s one thing that every gardener learns, — timing is everything.  The path to a healthy harvest always starts with basic foresight and planning.  The Vegetable & Herb Timing tables below provide the basics for scheduling your conventional and vertical Garden Tower plantings.  And don’t forget to check out […]

Food Freedom Experiment! Does the Garden Tower® 2 Really Work?

Garden towers maximize space
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With seeds of hope and dreams of food abundance, my wife, Andrea, and I purchased a 4.5 acre homestead in south-central Indiana this Spring. For fun, we’ve gardened together a few times before, at the apartments we’ve lived in and at our city-house where we were the neighborhood weirdos, killing our grass to build garden […]

How To Plan A Garden Part 2: To Sow or Not to Sow?

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I am often asked if it is better to start seeds indoors and transplant them later or to sow seeds outdoors directly into the garden. And what about just skipping seed starting all together and purchasing transplants from a local farmer or garden center? Which is better? Where should I start? Indeed! The uncertainties of […]

How To Plan A Garden Part 1: Create the Design

Garden Journal
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Lengthening daylight hours and hints of springtime signal the time to plan your garden. This Tower Power blog post is the first in a series of three to guide you in planning a successful year of gardening. We’ve crafted an infographic of the basics to get started!

Interactive Drag & Drop Planting Designer and Salad Tower Sample Planting Plan

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Design online from scratch with our new   Interactive Planting Designer! (Click here to load) Below is a visual guide to designing your Garden Tower with a focus on salad veggies & herbs!  Due to many requests from gardeners, we’ve completed a Garden Tower planting design template and created an example “Salad Tower” using easy to […]

Double the Growing Power

Bill Land tends to his tower.
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We wanted to highlight one of our Garden Tower growers, Bill Land. Bill has been gardening and working toward an abundant world for most of his life. Bill worked in planning and zoning for many years and has been involved in projects that promote community-building in Illinois and Indiana. Throughout that time, Bill has gardened. […]

Casters on the GT2: Supporters Have Great Solutions

Garden Tower 2™ caster ideas
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UPDATE: We now offer casters for the Garden Tower 2™. The Garden Tower 2™ has been getting rave reviews! In February we changed the plastic formulation to eliminate the possibility of cold temperature-related shipping damages from heavy impacts during transport. We’ve learned that the HDPE plastic formulation we switched to has too much stretch and […]

Garden Tower Project Receives International Design Award for Garden Tower® 2

IDA 14 Bronze
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We Received a Design Award! Garden Tower Project received international recognition from International Design Awards, held in Los Angeles earlier this month. The newly-released Garden Tower 2™ earned third place in the “Sustainable Living/Environmental Preservation” category. Garden Tower Project’s newest creation was selected for its achievements in design, creativity, usability, and innovation in a competition […]