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Stay Healthy during Covid-19: Tips from The Garden Tower® Project

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UPDATE: Garden Tower Project has started manufacturing Mask Frames for improvised face masks to help enable people to better protect themselves, their community, society, and the economy — they are AVAILABLE NOW: Click Here Why masks? Visit ————————————————————————— With so many people transitioning out of office life and into working from home, we […]

The Brief History of The Garden Tower Project

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Who We Are, Where We’ve Been, and Where We’re Going Next! On April 19, 2012, the first Garden TowerC project launched on Kickstarter. The brainchild of inventor Colin Cudmore, environmental scientist Joel Grant, and health professional Thomas Tlusty, The Garden Tower Project began as a dream to connect people around the world with sustainable, organic […]

Sowing the Seeds of Food Education

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Planting Seeds for the Future at Minot Forest Elementary In the winning entry from our Facebook video competition, four students from Minot Forest Elementary School bring their assistant principal a delicious lunchtime meal made from salad veggies pulled right from their Garden Tower™ 2 Vertical Gardening System — complete with an entire bottle of ranch, of […]

Starting Seeds Indoors

Seedlings are fun to grow!
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Gardening from seed has several benefits. There are more varieties available to you, you know what’s going into your food and flowers because you are growing them, and you’ll save money by purchasing seeds rather than plants. But I caution you, it can get addictive! Starting seeds is simple and very rewarding. It is easy […]

Vegetable Planting Schedule, Hardiness Zone Look-up, & Germination Temperature Chart

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Vegetable Planting Schedule & Hardiness Zone Look-up: If there’s one thing that every gardener learns, — timing is everything.  The path to a healthy harvest always starts with basic foresight and planning.  The Vegetable & Herb Timing tables below provide the basics for scheduling your conventional and vertical Garden Tower plantings.  And don’t forget to check out […]

Introducing Native Hole-Nesting Bees to Your Garden (Crown Bees part 1)

Blue orchard mason bee
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How to Support Your Garden and Bee Community Without the Effort of Raising Honeybees This is the first of three useful guest posts by our pollinator-supporting friends over at Crown Bees of Woodinville, Washington. Planting a food garden is a labor of love. Gardeners put a lot of time and effort into the work of […]

How To Plan A Garden Part 1: Create the Design

Garden Journal
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Lengthening daylight hours and hints of springtime signal the time to plan your garden. This Tower Power blog post is the first in a series of three to guide you in planning a successful year of gardening. We’ve crafted an infographic of the basics to get started!

Garden Tower® 2 Achieves First Ever Living Product Certification

Garden Tower Project Receives Living Product Certification
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PITTSBURGH, September 15, 2016 3BL Media Humanscale, Bureo, Owens Corning and Garden Tower Project have received Living Product certification for new and redesigned products that meet the high bar of the Living Product Challenge. The challenge is to design and manufacture products that function as elegantly and efficiently as anything found in the natural world. […]

Interactive Drag & Drop Planting Designer and Salad Tower Sample Planting Plan

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Design online from scratch with our new   Interactive Planting Designer! (Click here to load) Below is a visual guide to designing your Garden Tower with a focus on salad veggies & herbs!  Due to many requests from gardeners, we’ve completed a Garden Tower planting design template and created an example “Salad Tower” using easy to […]

Companion Planting Reference Guide: How and Why

Companion Planting Guide Resource Page
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Companion Planting Reference Guide: Why and How?   Companion planting allows you to select plants that benefit each other in a number of different ways; moreover, many common garden plants have allelopathic effects which means they can slow the growth of certain types of neighboring plants!  The composting vertical Garden Tower is the definition of […]