Extended Season, Cold Climate Vegetable Growing with a Garden Tower

Garden Tower Daily Temperature Stability
Garden Tower Project

Extended Season Growing:  How to get the most out of a Garden Tower! The design of the Garden Tower allows soil temperatures to stay productive even in cooler climates for extended growing seasons.  The soil in the Garden Tower warms up earlier than conventional gardens and the high volume of soil present can effectively maintain […]

Composting Worm Selection for Vermicomposting in the Garden Tower 2™

Red Wiggler Composting Worms Garden Tower
Garden Tower Project

The Garden Tower system is in many ways worm powered. Worms are the essential component which allow the Tower to provide for the demands of the high rate of plant production. Worms should be added to the Garden Tower during the setup process. Basic worm selection criteria we recommend for the Garden Tower are: – […]

Ideal Potting Soil Mixture for your Garden Tower

Garden Tower Potting Soil Dr Earth
Garden Tower Project

The Garden Tower is a resilient system, but it requires the right balance of soil components for optimum performance from the beginning. The simplest answer is: Go buy 6 cubic feet of a high quality “potting soil” or “planting mix” and add in a starter dose of an organic plant food at the label rate. […]