Caster Wheel Upgrade on Garden Towers v. 1.x

Construction of Garden Tower
Garden Tower Project

UPDATE: We now offer casters as an official Garden Tower Project product for Garden Tower 2.  The following instructions are for our previous versions with wooden legs. “About once per week a suggestion or request for wheeled Garden Towers is heard from a customer or fan; the Garden Tower Project does not offer the option […]

Tower of Love

Chocolate Strawberry
Garden Tower Project

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! We wanted to honor this occasion to start a series of posts on “themed towers”. Last week, someone suggested an Aphrodisiac Tower, and the timing couldn’t have been better. So, we pulled together some information about various plants that are easily grown in the Garden Tower 2™, which may also improve […]

Companion Planting Reference Guide: How and Why

Companion Planting Guide Resource Page
Garden Tower Project

Companion Planting Reference Guide: Why and How?   Companion planting allows you to select plants that benefit each other in a number of different ways; moreover, many common garden plants have allelopathic effects which means they can slow the growth of certain types of neighboring plants!  The composting vertical Garden Tower is the definition of […]

Harvest and Save Your Own Seeds

ASA Seed Saving Guide
Garden Tower Project

Harvest and Save Your Own Seeds Turn this year’s garden into next year’s crop of free plants by harvesting your own seeds.… Source & Author: American Seed Alliance   Whether it’s a top-performing tomato or a particularly fragrant flower, seed saving is an easy and fun way to share seeds, continue a planting tradition, or […]

Five Easy-to-Grow Mosquito Repelling Plants

Garden Tower Project

This information came from eartheasy: Solutions for Sustainable Living. Before reaching for the chemical sprays, try planting these easy-to-grow plants which have natural mosquito-repelling properties… As the outdoor season approaches, many homeowners and outdoor enthusiasts look for ways to control mosquitoes. With all the publicity about the West Nile virus, mosquito repelling products are gaining […]

Extended Season, Cold Climate Vegetable Growing with a Garden Tower

Garden Tower Daily Temperature Stability
Garden Tower Project

Extended Season Growing:  How to get the most out of a Garden Tower! The design of the Garden Tower allows soil temperatures to stay productive even in cooler climates for extended growing seasons.  The soil in the Garden Tower warms up earlier than conventional gardens and the high volume of soil present can effectively maintain […]

Composting Worm Selection for Vermicomposting in the Garden Tower 2™

Red Wiggler Composting Worms Garden Tower
Garden Tower Project

The Garden Tower system is in many ways worm powered. Worms are the essential component which allow the Tower to provide for the demands of the high rate of plant production. Worms should be added to the Garden Tower during the setup process. Basic worm selection criteria we recommend for the Garden Tower are: – […]