Micro Climate Change Part 2

Hilltop Tomato Harvest
Garden Tower Project

Microclimates are areas around your home and garden that have three things in common: distinct temperature and moisture variations, exposure or protection from winds, and access to light. They create unique opportunities for variety in your garden plantings and the use of your home. In part one, we looked at the factors that affect microclimates, […]

Micro Climate Change, Part 1

Garden Tower Project Camel Girl
Garden Tower Project

Cats and dogs are microclimate masters. They can easily identify warm, cozy spots or a cool spot in the shade better than anyone. This post will help you understand microclimates. In the next one, we’ll look at how to apply these concepts to your garden, and to your Garden Tower 2™ in particular. Microclimates are […]

Water, Water, Everywhere

Boy at play.
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Water is vital to the success of gardens, because it is vital to the continuation of all life on the planet. Nothing grows without water. Nothing thrives without water. Living organisms require adequate water, which means water of both sufficient quantity and quality. As global resources dwindle, it’s important to acknowledge that careful use and […]

Casters on the GT2: Supporters Have Great Solutions

Garden Tower 2™ caster ideas
Garden Tower Project

UPDATE: We now offer casters for the Garden Tower 2™. The Garden Tower 2™ has been getting rave reviews! In February we changed the plastic formulation to eliminate the possibility of cold temperature-related shipping damages from heavy impacts during transport. We’ve learned that the HDPE plastic formulation we switched to has too much stretch and […]

Garden Tower Project Receives International Design Award for Garden Tower® 2

IDA 14 Bronze
Garden Tower Project

We Received a Design Award! Garden Tower Project received international recognition from International Design Awards, held in Los Angeles earlier this month. The newly-released Garden Tower 2™ earned third place in the “Sustainable Living/Environmental Preservation” category. Garden Tower Project’s newest creation was selected for its achievements in design, creativity, usability, and innovation in a competition […]

Make a Sweet Deal With Honeybees

Honeybee on lavender
Garden Tower Project

Every day, honeybees face many challenges. A small garden plot or container garden tailored to suit their needs is a great opportunity to not only support your community’s native pollinators, but increase your harvests as well. When you keep bees, you learn that bees like many of the same things you do! What’s Up With […]

Key Strategies to Keep Your Seeds on Track

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Spring has sprung and its high time for seedlings to be in their trays. Will they sprout? Are they planted too early? Too late? Are there enough? Too many? When do they need water? When should they be transplanted? Where should the seeds come from? What to Plant Plant what you like to eat! Plant […]

Everything You Need to Know About GMO Laws: November Update

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–  We highly recommend the Organic Consumers Association as a state by state Organic/Non-GMO seed buying resource: –  Become more informed about GMOs and how to purchase Non-GMO foods and products at the Non-GMO Project: – See more at: https://www.gardentowerproject.com/resources/seed-and-plants/seeds#sthash.TLsVr0I2.dpuf –  We highly recommend the Organic Consumers Association as a state by state Organic/Non-GMO seed […]

The $5 Breezeway Grow Room

$5 breezeway greenhouse
Garden Tower Project

So it’s not much, and I apologize for the subpar photos, but the concept is simple, cheap, and functional and I thought I would share it!  We have an uninsulated breezeway between the garage and our 1940’s house (Indiana) that happens to have south-facing windows, so we put it to use and moved our two […]