How to Successfully Raise Mason and Leafcutter Bees (Crown Bees part 2)

Garden Tower Bee Cabin Leafcutter
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Crown Bees Guest Blog, Part 2 This is the second of three guest blogs by our pollinator-supporting friends over at Crown Bees of Woodinville, Washington. Mason and leafcutter bees are solitary hole-nesting bees. They carry pollen loose and dry on their hairy bellies, which makes them effective pollinators. Both types of bees are easy to […]

Introducing Native Hole-Nesting Bees to Your Garden (Crown Bees part 1)

Blue orchard mason bee
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How to Support Your Garden and Bee Community Without the Effort of Raising Honeybees This is the first of three useful guest posts by our pollinator-supporting friends over at Crown Bees of Woodinville, Washington. Planting a food garden is a labor of love. Gardeners put a lot of time and effort into the work of […]

Pathways to Food Security

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Earth Connections Garden Centre is about twenty minutes west of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in Canada, on forty acres of land mostly made up of natural prairie grasses. Although beautiful to look at, the land is mostly sand (89%), which makes growing vegetables a challenge. When our community was looking for a way to grow healthy food, […]

The Protein Salad Diet

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Part of my job as a fitness trainer is to help people lose weight. Most people are good at exercising, but when it comes to dieting many people fall short. In order to lose weight, you need the right combination of exercise and proper nutrition. One type of diet I recommend is the Protein Salad […]

Eat Your Weeds

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Spring is here in Indiana (Planting Zones 5 & 6), and our lawns are turning to green again. We are getting excited for gardening season, which brings the inevitable return of weeds to our lawns, containers, and gardens. Did you know that some of these so-called weeds can actually provide nutrition and other health benefits? […]

How To Plan A Garden Part 2: To Sow or Not to Sow?

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I am often asked if it is better to start seeds indoors and transplant them later or to sow seeds outdoors directly into the garden. And what about just skipping seed starting all together and purchasing transplants from a local farmer or garden center? Which is better? Where should I start? Indeed! The uncertainties of […]

How To Plan A Garden Part 1: Create the Design

Garden Journal
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Lengthening daylight hours and hints of springtime signal the time to plan your garden. This Tower Power blog post is the first in a series of three to guide you in planning a successful year of gardening. We’ve crafted an infographic of the basics to get started!

Beginning Urban Gardener

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I’m from New York City and have little gardening experience. All I used to know about gardening was that if you planted a seed in the ground and watered it, something great was supposed to happen. Now, I’ve grown so much food, I’ve had enough to give away! Back in 2015, my wife and I […]

Seed Catalogs and Garden Planning to the Rescue!

seed packets
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If you live somewhere between Hardiness Zones 1-7, you may be snoring along to winter’s hibernation song right now. The colors outside are drab, the daylight hours are short, and the “nothing-like-it” taste of crisp sugar snap peas and sweet cherry tomatoes picked fresh from the garden linger somewhere off in the distance. Winter Doldrums […]

Garden Tower Project Partners With NAVA On Traditional Healing Village

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Garden Tower Project Partners With NAVA On Traditional Healing Village During a recent visit to Southern California, Garden Tower Project was contacted by the Native American Veteran’s Association (NAVA) about discussing a sustainable food and farming project for their community. Ted Tenorio, a decorated Vietnam Veteran and NAVA, shared his dream and inspiration with two […]