Starting and Growing Cucumbers

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Get ready salads, homegrown cukes are on the way! Homegrown cucumbers have thin, tender skin that you usually won’t need to peel. Cucumbers plants are fast-growing. This cool, summer, salad “must” is very easy to grow, and there is a cucumber variety to fit everyone’s preference. General Information Cucumbers can be classified into two categories: […]

Tower Tip: Starting Tomato Seeds

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Join resident Garden Tower 2™ Vertical Gardening System expert and master gardener Kristi Armes as she demonstrates how to start tomato seeds. This video was originally broadcast on Facebook Live on March 18, 2018. Kristi’s Top 6 Tips for Starting Tomato Seeds: Start your seeds 4-6 weeks before your last frost date. Make sure you […]

8 Hot Tower Tips

Hoppin' Tower
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Hey, folks, I’m a long-time Garden Tower 2™ Organic Container Ecosystem user. While I haven’t blogged all that frequently, I have been following the posts and looking at common themes. So far, the common theme is: “Help! I don’t know what I’m doing!” I have been using the GT2 for four years now, and the […]

Starting and Growing Tomatoes

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With so many tomato varieties and uses in the kitchen, it’s no wonder tomatoes are one of the most popular vegetables to grow at home! Choosing Tomato Varieties Tomatoes are grouped into types according to growth habit and production. Determinate types grow in a compact, bush form, requiring little or no staking. Fruit is produced […]

Starting and Growing Peppers

Peppers in Tower
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Peppers come in a multitude of varieties and, once you get them started, are easy to maintain and grow. While we have some general information on seed starting indoors, we thought it would be helpful to give you additional information on sowing and growing peppers. When to Sow Inside Start peppers indoors 8-10 weeks before the […]

5 Steps to Harden Off Seedlings

These seedlings are ready for transplant.
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Starting seeds indoors is very rewarding but it does take focus and effort.  After you put you time, energy, and love into your seedlings, you want to make sure they flourish outside.  A key to ensuring success is “hardening off” your seedlings before you finally transplant to the garden.  Hardening off is the process of […]

Starting Seeds Indoors

Seedlings are fun to grow!
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Gardening from seed has several benefits. There are more varieties available to you, you know what’s going into your food and flowers because you are growing them, and you’ll save money by purchasing seeds rather than plants. But I caution you, it can get addictive! Starting seeds is simple and very rewarding. It is easy […]

Vegetable Planting Schedule, Hardiness Zone Look-up, & Germination Temperature Chart

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Vegetable Planting Schedule & Hardiness Zone Look-up: If there’s one thing that every gardener learns, — timing is everything.  The path to a healthy harvest always starts with basic foresight and planning.  The Vegetable & Herb Timing tables below provide the basics for scheduling your conventional and vertical Garden Tower plantings.  And don’t forget to check out […]