Ideal Potting Soil Mixture for your Garden Tower

Garden Tower Potting Soil Dr Earth
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The Garden Tower is a resilient system, but it requires the right balance of soil components for optimum performance from the beginning.

The simplest answer is: Go buy 6 cubic feet of a high quality “potting soil” or “planting mix” and add in a starter dose of an organic plant food at the label rate.  

Garden Tower Potting Soil Dr Earth

A base mix of peat or coir blended with vermiculite or perlite and some quality compost or organic plant food is an ideal starting point. 

Soilless mixes are generally lightweight, high-lofting, and will allow for excellent air permeability and water transport through a Garden Tower.  As an alternative to soilless mixes, most high-quality potting mixes which incorporate composted materials will work very well.

Some experienced gardeners will prefer to create their own soil mixture, but there are good potting mixes available commercially.
We will add links to these soon. We are also experimenting with growing in an exclusively compost medium–stay tuned!


Basic soil mixture criteria we recommend for the Garden Tower

High-lofting (light and fluffy) structure for high water and air permeability to combat the forces of compaction
High organics content from humic plant matter (woody fiber)
for good moisture and nutrient retention
Low in heavy clays to provide for adequate water movement
and plant root matrix
Some sand and mineral content to help with worm digestion
and increase soil permeability (minimize mineral component for a more mobile Garden Tower)

We (and others) have tested different potting mixes in Garden
Towers and will update this site with greater detail very soon.

Recommended soil mixtures:
Foxfarm Original Planting Mix
Happy Frog Potting Soil
Natural Guard Organic Potting Mix
*Pro-Mix All-Purpose Growing Mix
*Majestic Earth Professional Growers Mix
*Fafards 3B Mix

*(these “soilless” mixes do not contains any fertilizers, so fertilizing salts, composted manure, or other source of nutrients must be added)



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