GARDEN TOWER PROJECT > Temp > Organic (Non-GMO) Seeds for your Vertical Garden Tower GARDEN TOWER PROJECT > Temp > Organic (Non-GMO) Seeds for your Vertical Garden Tower

Organic (Non-GMO) Seeds for your Vertical Garden Tower

GARDEN TOWER PROJECT > Temp > Organic (Non-GMO) Seeds for your Vertical Garden Tower

Garden Towers can be directly seeded!  We highly suggest raising your own starter plants from widely available organic, Non-GMO seeds.


The Garden Tower Project was created around an ecological growing solution (the Garden Tower) and we strongly support the preservation of all natural species.  Choosing organic seeds, plants, and plant products is an easy way to help prevent the destruction of native organisms and a number of rippling ecological consequences that cascade through the food chain and effect our own health.  Investing in ecological ideas to problems is critical to creating a future free of increased use of herbicides, pesticides, and other chemicals causing known and unknown harm to life. 


Organic & Heirloom Seed Buying Resources:

–  We highly recommend the Organic Consumers Association as a state by state Organic/Non-GMO seed buying resource:


–  Become more informed about GMOs and how to purchase Non-GMO foods and products at the Non-GMO Project:

Non-GMO Project–  A list of seed providers pledged not to buy or sell genetically modified seeds (Council for Responsible Genetics) can be found here:

–  A geographic database of organic crop and garden vegetable seed providers is maintained by the National Sustainable Agricultural Information Service: NSAIS

–  If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop, we really like the personal service and quality heirloom seed selection of Botanical Interests



Saving Your Own Seeds:

–  Whether you’ve saved your own heirloom seeds for generations or generally just rely on whatever you can find on the nursery rack each spring, the American Seed Alliance’s Seed Saving Guide has a wealth of useful information for any gardener.  

 Chapters include:

ASA Seed Saving Guide










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