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I am a practitioner-academic political economist with both personal commitment to – and research interest in – resilient communities of healthy individuals. My training in four major subfields of Political Science (international relations, comparative politics, political philosophy, and public policy) is complemented by a diverse methodological toolkit, comprised of both quantitative and qualitative modes of inquiry. On top of years of experience with community organizing, as well as work in the nonprofit and governmental sectors, I have both archival and field-based research experience in Ghana and the United States, the most formative of which resulting from being recruited to Elinor Ostrom's Managing the Health Commons research team.

With concern for trends of increasing environmental volatility and social inequality, my current research explores community dynamics in extreme situations: natural disasters, like Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy; sites of social struggle, like the Zapatista Autonomous Zones in Chiapas, Mexico and the public square and park occupations of 2011; and, sites of economic disparity met by creative community solutions from gift culture\economy and sharing culture\economy. When existing social institutions are disrupted by extreme circumstances, communities must develop robust, context-sensitive social arrangements to facilitate the health and cooperative relationships of their members. I am invested in exploring, discovering, and implementing potential best practices that can emerge in the midst of these processes
Earth Connections Garden Centre operates out of a strawbale home on 40 acres of land in Vanscoy, Saskatchewan, Canada. We believe in Building Community Connections Through Food Sovereignty. Follow us on Facebook and Learn more on our website
Jen Owen is a Nurse Practitioner in Bloomington, Indiana specializing in Integrative Medicine, Pelvic Health, and Real Food. She offers in-office and distance consulting for medical concerns, nutrition, and pelvic health. Jen writes a regular blog at Join her active group, Real Food with Jen Owen, N.P. on Facebook where people share recipes, insights, struggles, and encouragement for living a lifestyle of Real Food; food free from processing and chemicals; food not made in factories.

Aiyo A. Jones is a fitness instructor, a homeschool father, and an avid gardener. One of his life's goals is to have his own farmland where he can grow food for the less fortunate and teach fitness and wellness classes. He currently resides in North Carolina with his wife and two children.

Amy Rhodes is Founder and Chief Advisor of Listen To The Land, a small business created to connect people to the lessons of the land and promote the growth of regenerative, bioregional economies.  Amy works with Garden Tower Project in public relations and community education.