Weed-free, Senior Friendly, Unrivaled Accessible Gardening!

The Garden Tower uses commercially available potting soil (see "resources: soil") which is sterilized to prevent the spread of weeds and plant-borne diseases.   It therefore requires virtually no weeding, soil tilling, or special preparation. Plants are grown vertically, so it’s easy on the back. The Garden Tower can be placed on a deck, patio, or walkway, making it easily accessible.     



We hear everyday from users that their composting vertical Garden Tower makes possible what they had not imagined -- season after season of backyard or patio gardening without the need for heavy, tiresome and sometimes frustrating work.  What is more, the Garden Tower provides a straight-forward and aesthetic composting solution reducing waste and allowing for organic food production nearly anywhere.  Simplified, easy gardening has never been more accessible. 

Garden Towers are even used in senior-living centers which often feature balcony and patio access for leisure; what could be better than organic gardening with fresh herbs, flowers, and veggies!  Our GrowingCircles initiative will feature a unique program in support of increased organic gardening access for groups with disabilities and other accessibility needs. 

As long as the sun is shining, gardens shall be growing!


Vertical organic gardening & composting anywhere!

Garden Tower: The ultimate patio farm by Garden Tower Project.

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