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Imagine...what if we all did this?

At a gathering in 2010, two elderly farmers in bib overalls were presenting their work to create a food hub that distributed food to the local elementary schools. They talked about the challenges of having enough produce throughout the school year for the schools and competing with companies that shipped cheap food in from out of state. They also talked about growing up when everyone farmed iwth a horse and all of the food was local and organic. It's amazing what people can do when they decide they want something and are willing to work together for it. 

Denmark to become 100% organic country!

"Denmark is the most developed country in the world when it comes to organic products and their trade with the world but that’s not what the Danish government is settling with. The government has raised a whooping 53 million euros in 2015 in an effort to turn the country into an organic country. This is probably the most ambitious plan of the century but considering the fact that Denmark has already proved it’s love for organic food, this seems to be achievable."

"Denmark is also way ahead of other countries in terms of producing organic food. The country’s national organic brand will be celebrating 25 years in business, which makes it one of the oldest organic brand in the world. As a result, the organic exports have increased by a whooping 200% since 2007."


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